Promenade du Paillon

Les Champs Numeriques: Nice’s Promenade du Paillon

Nice’s Coulée Verte – or, loosely translated, ‘Green Corridor’ – replaces two monumental, aspirational but irredeemably ugly brutalist structures; its central bus station (Gare Routiere) and a spectacularly hideous public car park. Both sported huge roof terraces complete with tennis and baseball courts, ornamental gardens, interesting stairwells etc., but all were neglected, abandoned, and the projects were...

Behind the Candelabra

Strange Fruit: Michael Douglas, Matt Damon
  Behind the Candelabra

Playing someone (in)famously described as… … a deadly, winking, sniggering, snuggling, chromium-plated, scent-impregnated, luminous, quivering, giggling, fruit-flavoured, mincing, ice-covered heap of mother love …takes a lot of humour. Here, Michael Douglas shares some with the crowd at Cannes....

Sharon Stone

Back to Basics: Sharon Stone at Cannes

  More than 20 years after flashing her assets at Michael Douglas in  Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone returns to watch him seduce Matt Damon in Behind the Candelabra.  The French have a strong taste for Hollywood nostalgia and went crazy at her unexpected appearance  – last year’s visit by Bruce Willis elicited a similarly rapturous response. Wearing...

A kiss from Jean Dujardin

Scooped! a kiss from Jean Dujardin

Somehow, I managed to steal a kiss from Jean Dujardin, who was wildly popular with the French crowd at Cannes, and wholly unknown by everyone else, back then in May 2011. Somehow, all the fuss seemed to be about Uggy, the dog, winner of that year’s Palm Dog award. Paw on the pulse, as they...

Swan, St James's Park

Swan, meditating, St James’s Park

This swan caught my eye one sunlit evening as I crossed the park. Although the image required a bit of retouching – removing debris from the surface of the water and upping the contrast to remove a green tinge from the lake, as far as’nature’shots go, it’s a relatively natural one....

Cheryl Cole

We Have a Chest: Cheryl Cole hits Cannes

  It’s true that you’ve never got your camera to hand when you really want one, and I kicked myself earlier in the week as I happened upon DeNiro, Jude Law and Linn Ullmann exiting the back of the Majestic Hotel, where the Festival Jury had been meeting. Ten minutes later, walking along the Croisette,...

Fountain, Louvre

Fountains, frozen, the Louvre Paris

And not a drop to drink… This edit was inspired by an extremely severe bout of winter flu during which I lay parched and feverish with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth, yet strangely nauseated by the taste of water. Hydrophobic, like a rabid dog. Although no dog has ever explained to...

Love is in the air

Love is…in the air

Moments before swooping to their roosts as the sun set on 2010, the last starling murmuration of 2010 formed a heart that beat twice before dispersing into the evening air. A number of theories attempt to explain the birds’ behaviour: the ‘safety in numbers’ principle (self explanatory); or that none of them wants to be...

When the Moon Hits your Eye

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

To mark the unusual (every half-century or so) occasion of a total eclipse falling on the Winter Solstice. The chances of your reading this and seeing another are relatively slim; the next will be in 2094. See Nasa’s lunar eclipse group on Flickr for related images, including one of the Washington Monument from a curiously...

Grace Kelly, the Monaco Years

Full of … Grace

Grace Kelly – The Monaco Years, an exhibition marking the 25th anniversary of her death, eclipsed attempts by all others to do the same, which was, of course, the point. Her dresses were later passed to London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, but Monaco’s most memorable and moving exhibits were letters that the then Princess Grace...

Place Magenta, Nice

A little drop…of belle epoque

Although the Carré d’Or lacks the almost medieval charm of Vieux Nice, its turn of the (19th) century architecture has its own appeal. At left, the Boulangerie Multari, a chain of bakeries selling extraordinarily delicious tartes and other farinacious delights....

Interior, Dome of the Russian Church, Sanremo

From Russia with Love

The domes of La Chiesa di Cristo Salvatore, Santa Caterina Martire e San Serafino di Sarov (Church of Christ the Savior, St. Catherine the Martyr and St. Serafin de Sarov) are its most beautiful and distinctive attributes.  They featured fleetingly in the 2009 movie Io Sono L’amore (I am Love), whose heroine, Emma Recchi (Tilda...