Fun-paqued cooking from the Middle Ages

Posted: April 28th, 2008   |   Categories: Blog | Food | France | Travel

Échaudé – a traditional French Easter delicacy

The Échaudé takes its name from the French and means, literally, “scalded”. Hurled briefly into boiling water before being chucked into a hot oven, this Easter speciality (hence the awful pun) hales from the Middle Ages, in whose times unlucky humans were wont to suffer a similar fate.

These were baked and photographed at La Capeline, Place Centrale, Vieux Nice, but can be found in most ancient Provençal towns, of which there are many.

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  1. Philippe SAYS:

    I am interested by “échaudés”, and how to find this speciality in Nice or anywhere in Provence. I live in Normandy, near Cherbourg. Could you help me. many thanks Philippe

  2. simon SAYS:

    Hi Phillipe,

    These échaudés were discovered in the Place Centrale, Nice. I’m not sure where else you can find them, but I know they are made with brioche bread into which a pre-boiled egg is placed during or prior to baking.

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