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Go to the ant…

At the Gorges de Pennafort, Provence, we made camp (unwittingly) in the path of some huge but otherwise harmless ants.  Relaxing in the company of these creatures is impossible — their industriousness is of truly biblical proportions:

You go, Girls

To our boys in SA. You are supported… Pride 2006 took place on the day following England’s unfortunate defeat, and whether the flags were being waved ironically or in a spirit of consolation can only be inferred from facial expressions…

Home sweet home..

This image was shot using a Nikon D200 and an 18-200mm VR lens. Look hard enough and you’ll see some weird distortion on the image. If I didn’t think there was something weirdly cool about it, I’d photoshop it out.

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Karma Cinema

  In 2004, Amazon.com released a series of short films under the brand Amazon Theater, each of which was a different take on the theme of karma. I’ve since discovered them on YouTube:- Portrait Careful What You Wish For Do Geese See God? Tooth Fairy Agent Orange

An Airy citadel: Bruges

As a child, I was terrified of spiders. Photographing them has helped with this, and even though I’ll probably never get to the point where I’d let a tarantula take a walk across my face, I can comfortably catch one with a glass and piece of card and liberate it in the back yard, rather […]

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My Kingdom for a Horse

For those of you who watch Heroes, Ventimiglia will be an Italo-American, all-flying, all-teleporting, multi-purpose dreamboat called Milo, who sports a razor-sharp jaw and flawless skin. For the rest of you, it’s a one-horse town on the Franco-Italian border that, at some point in history, lost its horse. Friday morning and early afternoon are best […]

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Fun-paqued cooking from the Middle Ages

The Échaudé takes its name from the French and means, literally, “scalded”. Hurled briefly into boiling water before being thrown into a hot oven, this Easter speciality (hence the awful pun) hails from the Middle Ages, in whose times unlucky humans were wont to suffer a similar fate. These were baked and photographed at La […]