Santas’ Secrets: caption competition

At first glance, two jolly old Santas climbing a wall above Sorrento’s night market.  Closer reading of the image poses some interesting questions: why are they wearing those tiny (and empty?) manbags – rather than the usual over-the-shoulder sacks?  Why are they working as a pair? Are they scassinatori – burglars? Is there no end to Italian corruption?

And what could they be saying to each other?

So…the first totallygone Christmas caption competition.  Enter a comment (by January 31), and the winning entry gets a framed 8×10 from the archive or flickr collection.

Update 1/2/2011: After careful consideration, much deliberation and soul-searching, the prize goes to Nick Alexander. It was, as expected, a very close race, with all entries demonstrating the kind of wit and literacy common to my friends. However, for context and dialogue, he gets the print, and runners-up get a file, in whatever size or format, of their choice.

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  1. Nick Alexander says:

    “You’re sure these parachutes are gonna work, right? They seem… I don’t know… light…”
    “Of course they’re going to work.”
    “You didn’t get them from the pound shop like all that other shit, did you?”

  2. Dean Evans says:

    “so i said to er, isn’t it bad enough that i work the night shift and my bodyclock is all to pot and here’s you trying to push me into a carb coma by leaving me all that panettone!”
    “Its not on”
    “Its NOT”

  3. J Staveley says:

    “Hey Babbo,
    I is not convinced that these Santa Carry-All Trouzers are a good replacement for our sacks. I’s only got 4 panetonne in them an my thighs are really startin’ to huuuuurt. As for my personal sack…”

  4. gray douglas says:

    Didn’t one of the elves say that this climbing was good for the gluteus maximus?….our backsides are as flat and saggy as the bags on our backs. I quit these fairy workouts.

  5. Kate Martin says:

    For God’s sake, will you stop complaining that my farts stink?! I’ve eaten nothing but brussels sprouts all week to be able to power this bloody lamp, just because you were too cheap to go and buy batteries!

  6. simon says:

    The full irony of the comment would have been lost if I had posted on time, and as i can’t stand losing, the rejection has no pain… i’m such a coward… good comp.

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