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Oooooh Vienna! Halloween im Wien – pumpkins, every witch way

In Vienna, Halloween is about pumpkins. If you're a fan, it's the perfect place to be - what Austrians can't do with pumpkins simply can't be done. If you get a chance to lay your hands on a bottle of Kürbiskernöl – pumpkin seed oil,…
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The sweet taste of Halloween

American Halloween is about, yes, all things American; pumpkins and parades, Trick or Treat, getting dressed-up and getting made-up. In the UK, Halloween is about importing all things American, but isn't nearly as much fun… …and…
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From the belfry

View of the terracotta-tiled roofs of the city from the belfort, or medieval belfry, Bruges.
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Shades of the Beguine

Bruges is a strangely sinister little town, with deep houses and twitching net curtains. As the sun sets, shadows lengthen and night begins to fall, a strong sense of the gothic creeps across the town.

An Airy citadel: Bruges

As a child, I was terrified of spiders. Photographing them has helped with this, and even though I'll probably never get to the point where I'd let a tarantula take a walk across my face, I can comfortably catch one with a glass and piece…
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No Shit

This morning I got a lesson in LETTING GO, when an opportunistic taxi driver relieved me of 350THB for a 60THB ride. Even though I followed my concierge's warning, taking a cab from a hundred yards away (rather than outside the hotel, where…