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Mushroom magic: the season is upon us…

Mushrooms, London's Borough Market

This vivid mound of mushrooms, at London’s extremely trendy Borough Market, is worth its weight in some heavy metal, if not gold. If, however, you’re prepared to don your wellies and get your hands dirty, you can save yourself a small fortune, impress your mates and burn off a few calories, tramping about in the damp.

So, with the mushroom season fully underway, I thought it a good idea to unearth an old photo from the archive and use it as an excuse to share with my friends, family, and others of you a few links to help you get the most from your foraging without ending in hospital.

Two important pieces of advice common to all sites; never, ever try anything you’ve picked off the forest floor without having identified and washed it thoroughly, and never try to induce vomiting if you or your companion becomes violently ill – seek medical attention immediately.

So, if you’re not completely discouraged, go forth and forage.

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