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We Have a Chest: Cheryl Cole hits Cannes


Cheryl Cole and her (now) internationally famous décolletage

It’s true that you’ve never got your camera to hand when you really want one, and I kicked myself earlier in the week as I happened upon DeNiro, Jude Law and Linn Ullmann exiting the back of the Majestic Hotel, where the Festival Jury had been meeting. Ten minutes later, walking along the Croisette, I heard shouts of “Claudia, Claudia!” and hey – there was La Cardinale,  who waved back at her fans in delight.

However, all is not lost, dear reader. Instead, we bring you Cheryl Cole, instantaneous star of the red carpet at the premier of Habimus Papam (We Have a Pope). Bucking both tradition and her snugly-fitting dress, the chanteuse elected not to wear black for her audience with Il Papa, instead working on the principle that, when surrounded by foreigners who may not be quite sure who you are or what you do, flash something that they can’t possibly miss and they’ll be sure to hurry off and find out. In truth, that’s exactly what I did — having mistaken her for a white-clad Latina who was perhaps a relation of Morena Baccarin — and that she was at Cannes. Malheureusement pas.

If, for some strange reason, you’re not an X Factor or footie fan, and aren’t sure quite who Cheryl Cole is, she’s a British (soon to be international!) Pop Superstar.

So, for the shot of Cheryl, an  opportunity for another caption competition, perhaps. I’ll go first:  “If you’ve gorrit, flaunt it!” or maybe  ‘The Mammae and the Papa”.

Palais du Festival, 2011

The Palais: Faye Dunaway and her elegantly folded legs survey the red carpet. And Cheryl.

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  1. Sunset Boulebard says:

    Is she checking out the blond guy on the left? No wonder, he’s hotter than her.

  2. Sunset Boulebard says:

    Did she have her kidneys removed and gold-plated to use as a belt buckle? One up on the Gaga.

  3. Mary Saunders says:

    Thank you so much for letting me know who Cheryl Cole is. Just like that legendary judge who asked ” Who are the Beatles ?” I assiduously avoid slavering over celebrities…

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